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Brothers Brian McDonald, Don Haggart, George Markic, Leo "Rocky" Clouthier & myself, Gary "Biker" Lamarche went up to Timmins on November 8 for a day trip to give support to the Local 37-X Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union who have been locked out from Grant Forest Products since May 31, 2006. We gave them a $500.00 cheque from our retirees chapter & a $1,000.00 cheque from Mine Mill CAW 598 regular members. If you saw the CTV news at 6:00 on November 8th. you would have seen the Steelworkers on the line & CTV saying that they, the Steelworkers, gave the locked out brothers $1,800.00. In truth the Steelworkers made a collection at the line, which we gave to, & handed Local 37-X $350.00.