Here are few pictures of our dedicated Retirees Local 598/CAW Union members (and sister  Anne Marie who is not retired yet) who prepared 1000 and few more sandwiches for our group of 8 buses heading down to Minister of Industry Tony Clement constituency office in Huntsville to protest luck of care for laid off workers! This was our contribution to provide lunch for the folks on the way down. Our pensioners are well aware of situation in which our younger members are in this difficult time for them, their families and our community. A few members had to leave early, sorry not in the pictures! Our governments are not saying to much, are they scared to lose corporate contributions for their elections? Are they forgetting that Canadians elected them to protect Canadians and Canadian Natural resources for generations to come? Or do we will need few more leaders like Danny Williams to stand up and take over those that look for fast profit and RUN! Only problem that I have with Danny Williams is that I think he is in the wrong party but doing right job.
In Sol.
Pictures courtesy of,
George Markic